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Author Jacqueline Winters

Finding Love in Alaska Book Bundle

Finding Love in Alaska Book Bundle

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Moose Be Love

★★★★★"From the moment I started reading, I was transported to the small town of Sunset Ridge where I spent the day. I ignored anything and everything that had to do with adulting." --Reviewer

When I travel to the small town of Sunset Ridge for the reading of my great aunt’s will, I have no idea that my sisters and I are about to inherit a lodge. Or that my rugged Alaskan neighbor is the caretaker I’ll be spending all my time with.

Falling for Ford Harris would be unwise. I’m supposed to get the lodge listed for sale and leave. Not to mention that he hasn’t dated anyone since his wife died four years ago. The little sister he’s super protective over let it slip that he swore off ever falling in love again.

But he’s cooking me dinner, showing me around town, and saving me from getting trampled by the town’s favorite moose. Don’t even get me started on the way my brain short circuits when I catch him shirtless and towel-drying his hair.

The truth is? I’m falling hard, and I wish I didn’t have to leave.

If you love fun, small town romance, Moose Be Love is packed full of that charm—a fun cast of characters, a quirky small town Alaskan setting, and a swoony-romance with all the feels. All inspired by the decade the author lived in Alaska.

Heat Level: Sweet/Mild

If you love fun, small town romance, the Finding Love in Alaska series is packed full of that charm—a fun cast of characters, a quirky small town Alaskan setting, and swoony-romances with all the feels. All inspired by the decade the author lived in Alaska.

★★★★★ "This could be Hallmark Alaska." - Amazon Reviewer

Stomach rumbling, Cadence headed downstairs. Ford knowing his way around a grill only added to the growing list of his attractive qualities. She felt giddy about her plans to stay and wanted to tell him right away.

“That was a quick call.” Ford’s voice called to her when her foot hit the last stair. She turned, about to tell him the good news when she spotted him down the hall, rubbing a towel through his wet hair.


Her mouth went dry.

As he approached, water droplets glistened off his hard muscles, begging her fingers to touch them. “I haven’t started the grill yet.”

The grill. Lunch. Focus Cadence.

“I’ll help.” The words came out as a squeak. Cadence cleared her throat and tried again. “I can help.”

Ford stopped in front of her, their height the same with her on the bottom stair. She focused on the gold flecks in his eyes to avoid staring at other body parts. To ignore the way his jeans slung low on his hips. “Was there something else?”


“You looked like there was something you wanted to tell me.”

“Oh, yes!” She was doing it again. Squeaking like a nervous teenager talking to her crush. Thrown off her equilibrium by his proximity. She could so easily comb her fingers through his beard from where she stood. “It’s official. I’m extending my stay through the end of the week.”

The smile that lit up his face was the sheer definition of swoony. He reached a finger to her temple and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, leaving a trail of heat behind. “That’s great new, Cadence.”

He stepped closer, his gaze turning heated.

She reached for his beard, her fingers nearly grazing it.

Is he going to kiss me?

★★★★★ "What a great series. People and animals finding and giving love to those around them. I love the town feel and the wonderful characters who inhabit it. Ms Winter's has a completely wonderful gift of story and we are very happy recipient of the gift. Enjoy!" - Reviewer

★★★★★ "Love Sunset Ridge and it’s inhabitants! Especially Ed! Pawsome storyteller! Humor, romance, families and friends and community! All close to each other!"

This heartwarming romance bundle includes the first 8 books in the Finding Love in Alaska Series:

  1. Moose Be Love
  2. My Favorite Moosetake
  3. Anonymoosely Yours
  4. Love & Moosechief
  5. Under the Mooseltoe
  6. Moosely Over You
  7. Absomoosely in Love
  8. Perfectly Moosematched

Heat Level: Sweet/Mild



Moose Be Love Chapter 1 Look Inside

An enormous moose stood between Cadence Whitmore and her rental car, stranding her on the cozy porch of her vacation rental cabin. “Are
you . . . licking my window?” The antlered beast towered over the sedan, seemingly uninterested in moving.

The bull didn’t respond to her question. Which was just as
well, considering what she remembered of them during her brief time here in
Alaska the year she turned thirteen. A change in behavior might indicate
aggression. She could barricade herself inside the small log cabin, but that
wouldn’t get her to the lawyer’s office on time.

“I really don’t have time for this, Mr. Moose.”

Beautiful as Alaska was, at least she didn’t have to worry
about encountering a moose in Wichita. Certainly one had never made her late
for an important appointment. “Can you find someone else’s car to lick?” She
shook her head in disbelief. “Seriously.” Had she ever seen a moose act this
way? “Maybe you should see someone about your addiction.”

Cadence held up her cell again, but not a single bar
appeared. If she had service, she could at least call the lawyer and explain her
delay. Mr. Jenkins—a lifetime resident of Sunset Ridge—would understand her

“Need a ride?”

The male voice startled her, and she let out a squeak. The
bull lifted his head, temporarily abandoning the window-licking hobby he’d taken up in her driveway. Her gaze traveled to the cabin next door—one much bigger than her tiny space—and discovered a man in jeans and a red plaid shirt,
standing on his deck.

“Sure. Unless you have any bright ideas on how to get
Bullwinkle here to get a move on.” She pointed toward her car. “I swear, they put something in the window cleaner.”

Despite the approximate ten-yard gap, she could hear his
laughter crystal clear. The smile that complemented it made her forget about her four-legged obstacle with antlers large enough to scoop her up. The man’s white teeth sparkled in contrast to his dark beard. “Actually, we call him Ed.”


“He likes to wander the neighborhood, but he’s pretty
harmless unless provoked.”

Cadence glanced around at the few cabins that comprised said
neighborhood. Sunset Ridge was a small town by most standards, but she’d still opted for a place on the outskirts of town without many people. Mr.
Jenkins had recommended it. The six cabins she could count—seven if the structure through the thick trees was also a house—could hardly be called a neighborhood.

“C’mon, I can take you into town.”

Cautiously, Cadence took a step down from the covered porch. The moose moved two steps to examine the rear passenger window instead of the front, but otherwise seemed uninterested in her. Fighting the impulse to speed
walk, she warily closed the distance separating the two cabins. Though Ed seemed harmless enough, she wasn’t eager to be in the line of fire should the gigantic beast decide to charge.

“Why don’t you go wait in the truck?”

At this closer range, Cadence noticed the green hue to his
eyes. She tried not to let her gaze linger, but assessed him long enough to guess the man was in his late twenties or early thirties. Attractive too.
“You want me to wait in the truck?” She glanced nervously over her shoulder. Ed
seemed so much bigger now that she was off the porch.

“I need to grab Riggs.” He nodded toward his cabin. The nose of a German shepherd was pressed up against the glass, creating a concentrated
cloud on one of the windows. Over the top edge of the fogged-up glass, wide
eyes fixated on the bull moose. “You don’t mind if he rides along, do you?” the
man asked when Cadence had yet to move her firmly planted feet.

“Not at all.”

Circling the front of the truck—Ed kept in her peripherals—Cadence made her way to the passenger door. “No running boards, Mr. Alaska?” she mumbled, reaching for the grab handle inside the truck and propelling herself into the seat like a human slingshot.

She checked her phone again out of habit, but no luck. How
many emails or texts from work had she missed since she arrived in her cabin last night? There was supposed to be Wi-Fi, but for whatever reason, it wasn’t working. Her boss, Janine, would just have to accept that she was really on
vacation for a few days, and the spotty service gave her the perfect excuse.

The truck’s back door opened, and a dog the size of a small
grizzly bear bolted in, making the jump with graceful ease. Riggs pointed his giant furry face at Cadence, and his tail swished uncontrollably. He let out a faint whine as he warred with which to focus his attention on first, her or the

“Where do you need to go?” the man asked once inside the
truck. It occurred to Cadence that she had accepted a ride with a complete stranger, and she didn’t even know his name. She hoped Sunset Ridge was as
friendly and trustworthy a place as she remembered from her childhood.

“Jenkins Law Office.”

The man studied her a moment, as though her answer meant something to him. She waited for him so elaborate on whatever seemed to be
hanging on the tip of his tongue, but instead he nodded and put his truck into

“So, Ed is a regular, huh?” As much as Cadence wanted to
know what he almost said, she wasn’t about to push a kind stranger offering her
help in a time of need. Downtown was only a few minutes from her cabin.

“Ed? He likes Sunset Ridge, but hangs out a lot in our
neighborhood. All those gardens to pick from.”

“He’s been around a while, then?”

“Going on seven years now.”

Sunlight filtered in through the tall trees, the faint scene
of the bay floating in through the back window, making Cadence smile. She recalled so many rainy, overcast days in the past that it was nice to have a pleasant one in so short a stay. “How are you sure it’s the same moose?”

“Ed’s a bit . . . unique. Hang around long enough, you’ll know.”

She doubted three days would do it, but that was all she had
before reality would beckon her back to Kansas. “I’m Cadence, by the way.
Cadence Whitmore.”

“Ford Harris.” At a stop sign, he removed his hand from the
steering wheel and extended it.

Despite feeling silly for shaking hands inside the cab of a
truck, she accepted. The graze of his warm skin jumbled whatever words she’d
planned next. Tingles danced up her arm. She stared at her fingers in awe, the reaction a surprise.

Riggs let out a bark from the back seat, and Ford withdrew
his hand. Their eyes followed the dog’s pointed interest across the street to a young boy walking a cocker spaniel. “You staying in town long?”

“Just a couple days.” Though she’d asked to take off the
whole week, Janine had a fit that she had to leave the state at all. They were incredibly busy this time of year, but her boss couldn’t argue the circumstances. Cadence had left out the single detail that showing up in person
for the reading of the will wasn’t necessary, otherwise both of her sisters would be here, too. An insatiable pull had drawn her back for one last visit.

Ford slowed the truck as they approached the downtown strip of Sunset Ridge. Her heart felt heavy as they neared Mr. Jenkins’ office, and Cadence
realized she was despondent at leaving him so soon after meeting him. It didn’t make any sense. Perhaps she was still jet-lagged from being on a plane for eight-plus hours yesterday.

Without warning, Riggs appeared between the two bucket seats and gave her ear a solid lick. Cadence giggled as she wiped at the wetness.

“Riggs, get back,” Ford
commanded. “Sorry about that—”

“It’s all right.” She reached a careful hand behind the
seat, allowing the shepherd to sniff her before giving him a good rub behind the ears. “I’ve never had a dog, but always wanted one.” With her current work schedule, adopting a dog would be irresponsible. Cadence was gone more than she was home. Being the personal assistant of the top-selling real estate agent in
the firm came with high demands, impossible expectations, and very little free time.

“He’s a character.” Ford rubbed the dog’s head at a stop
sign. Jenkins Law Office sat across from them at the intersection. “Couldn’t
imagine life without him.”

Cadence gave her best smile, but reality seeped back in,
reminding her why she was in Sunset Ridge. Tears threatened at the corners of her eyes, but she fought them. Breaking down in front of a stranger would be awkward, especially one who was her neighbor for the next three days.

“Thank you again.”

“No problem. I was headed into town anyway.”

Cadence paused before getting out, looking over her shoulder
and back at Ford. “You don’t think Ed will actually damage my car, do you?” She wasn’t sure her insurance coverage included curious, destructive

“Nah. He’s a little eccentric for a moose, but he’s not normally reckless.”

Gripping the upper handle, Cadence slid her way out of the
truck. If she were a few inches taller than her five-foot-four, her feet might not have dangled so long before she found her footing and was able to safely let go of her handhold.

“Do you need a ride back later?” Ford asked.

Cadence shook her head. Though she appreciated the gesture, she wasn’t one to take advantage of someone’s kindness. The walk back would do her good. “No, I think I’ll grab some lunch in town. I’ll find my way back.”

Riggs stood at attention on the edge of the center console
and let out a couple of whines, focusing solely on his new friend who was now
abandoning him. “Get back there, Riggs. You know the rules.”

A moment of awkwardness passed between them, and Cadence wasn’t really sure what to say. But she knew it was time to close the door.
“See you later?’ The words fell out in a question, which only made her feel embarrassed.

“Looking forward to it, neighbor.”

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