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Author Jacqueline Winters

Cowboys & Sunrises

Cowboys & Sunrises

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A struggling photographer in a bind. The ranch hand who's secretly been in love with her. And the fake relationship that just might change everything.

Jillian Harper’s in a bind. She just found out her dad’s relocating his wedding to Starlight so he can spend more time with his “little girl” before the big day. Except, Jilly isn’t a little girl, or the successful photographer she’s been bragging to him about. And she definitely doesn’t have the serious boyfriend her dad’s been dying to meet.

Brantley West has been in love with Jilly since they were teenagers. Even his time away in the Army didn’t change the way he feels, but timing has never been on his side. Something has always gotten in the way, and he’s come to accept they’ll only ever be friends.

So when she asks him to be not only her plus one to her dad’s wedding, but her fake boyfriend of two years as well, he’s conflicted. Pretending to be her doting boyfriend for a week is the easy part.

But going back to the way things were after the wedding is over might be impossible.

A fake relationship isn’t what he had in mind. But it might just be the opportunity he needs to make her finally fall in love with him.

The Starlight Cowboys series are sweet contemporary small town western romances with HEAs. The series can be enjoyed in any order.

Heat Level: Sweet/Mild

Popular Tropes:

  • Fake Relationship
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Cowboy
  • Small Town Romance
  • Unrequited Love
  • Military Veteran
  • A Pizza-Obsessed Dog
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