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Author Jacqueline Winters

Pawsitively Home for Christmas

Pawsitively Home for Christmas

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He’s on a mission to make it home in time for Christmas. She’s doing everything in her power to make it happen. Getting stranded together wasn’t part of the plan.

Dog rescuer Chloe Taggert is making her last trip to the airport before Christmas to pick up her latest rescue, Belle. When the notorious escape artist breaks out of her kennel and mows over a soldier in the airport, who just happens to be her neighbor’s son home from deployment, the least she can do is offer him a ride to Snowy Falls.

All she has to do is not fall for him.

One delay after another has plagued Parker Anderson’s trip home. He’s not even surprised when the airport runs out of rentals cars before he can snag one. He still has three days to make it home. Plenty of time to keep his promise to his niece.

Only, the delays are far from over.

If he has to be stranded, being stuck with Chloe and Belle isn’t the worst fate he could suffer. His determination to remain unattached begins to wane. It shouldn’t be possible to fall in love in only a few days, yet it’s happening just the same.

But his Army career doesn’t mesh well with the woman who’d never leave behind her family and hometown. It’ll take more than a little Christmas magic to overcome their biggest obstacles.

Heat Level: Sweet/Mild

Popular Tropes:

  • Military Hero
  • Holiday Romance
  • Snowed In Together
  • Forced Proximity
  • Quirky B&B
  • Returning Home
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